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People ask me what qualifies me to speak on the topic and seriousness of AIDS and to write The Day AIDS Became a Global Threat.

In 1999 I was suddenly stricken by a dramatic and life-threatening illness very similar to AIDS and was left without hope on my deathbed.

A team of five specialized doctors diagnosed me with numerous non-curable diseases including hepatitis c, vertigo, a dying and diseased kidney, bi-polar disorder/manic depression and a spirit of suicide. And like millions of AIDS patients today I was left without hope and all alone. By faith I was raised-up off of my deathbed to overcome the spirit of suicide and death. Since that time I have been healed from all those diseases including cancer and I live to tell about it.

Paul Caratti is an AIDS researcher and sociologist. He is the founder of Global AIDS Day, the African Dream Center and the National Council for HIV /AIDS Education. He is a gifted speaker and presents a comprehensive and compelling world-view of the AIDS pandemic of how the looming presence of AIDS threatens our world today. While he was in Africa he worked closely with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, where his personal experience of the African AIDS crisis has personally and permanently influenced his life.

The National Council for HIV/AIDS Education is becoming the united evangelic voice against AIDS. Our objective is to bring together Civic leaders and Religious clergy together into proactive relationship against HIV/AIDS. We hope to see current governmental policies toward AIDS Prevention reviewed and changed in light of the deep critical AIDS pandemic and re-examining our methodologies and educational strategies and start teaching the whole truth about AIDS.

This work is dedicated to researching and mapping the social trends and variable patterns of the disease as it spreads socially from one country to the next, much like a domino effect. Moreover, forecasting the financial impact of the AIDS-related Post-Treatment Costs on a nations’ economy. Then presenting those findings to world leaders appealing to their prudence of how much money this disease would cost their country in lost revenue unless they heed the United Nations warning for change. I have found if they are not interested in saving lives, they will listen where money is concerned.


Paul J. Caratti

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