AIDS Orphan Projects

Below are some of the projects we are working on. Please look through the pages, and if one touches your heart, please donate as this isnít possible without your help and love.

What is the Tanzania Orphan Home Project?

The objective for The Orphans of AIDS in Tanzania is to build about 100 houses for these precious little ones which will house about 2,000 orphan children total. Each 3-4 room house will be built and furnished for approximately $10,000. We will recognize the sponsor of an entire home by having the home named in their honor.
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What is the India Orphan Home Project?

Coming Soon

What is the Philippine Orphan Home Project?

The mission of The Orphans of AIDS in the Philippines is to improve the quality of life for all children that have been orphaned. We believe that every child has a right to a life that is free from sexual exploitation and poverty. We therefore help more than just those that are affected by HIV/AIDS, but help as many orphans as we can regardless of their circumstance. Click Here to Learn More.

What is the Malawi Widows and Orphans Project?

One out of every 10 children in Malawi is an orphan because of AIDS. Moreover, poverty, malnutrition and severe shortages of food threaten to exacerbate Malawiís orphan problem. Chronic drought has caused the annual maize harvest to be at its lowest since 1994. If the drought remains constant the lives of an estimated 4.2 million people will be threatened. Click here to Learn More.

What is the South African Orphan Home Project?

In 2005, 1,000,000 children in South Africa have lost both of their parents or their sole known parent -- usually their mother. Moreover, by 2010 that figure is expected to reach as high as 3 million. Click Here to Learn More

What is the Uganda Orphan Home Project?

GOAL: Build 500 Orphan Homes Each home will accommodate 12 children. A trained single or widowed mother will be placed in each home to raise these precious children in a godly way. The orphans will receive parental love, discipline, health care, and education. Click Here To Learn More

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