HIV/AIDS Programs

World health leaders fear the world is not prepared for the AIDS pandemic. By 2010 the number of AIDS cases may more than double from 42 million infected people today to over 100 million. 25 million orphans will be left behind, thus becoming the greatest health and economic burden known to man of any totally preventable disease.

Every day 6,000 children become the orphans of AIDS, and 15,000 new people contract the deadly HIV virus. Moreover, over 8,500 people die each and every day from AIDS. Our goal this year is to prevent one-million
at-risk children from becoming orphans of AIDS, and to prevent one million people from contracting this deadly disease by 2007.

These programs are integral to combating this deadly disease. Please click on the program links to the left to read more about what we are doing to prevent millions more orphans of AIDS.

What is The Orphans of AIDS?

Our objective is to change the course of AIDS dramatically and prevent millions of at-risk children from ever becoming orphans.
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What is The One Partner Program?

To help win the fight against AIDS in Africa (India and Asia) we have introduced One Partner to help men and women understand that marriage is a sacred bond of trust between one man and one woman; that it is a covenant relationship of life-long fidelity.
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What is the Heart Program?

The H.E.A.R.T Program is a new concept in comprehensive HIV Education & AIDS Recovery Therapy to help people with HIV/AIDS live within the means of their condition (status).
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