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An AIDS-infected man offers an orange and a crust of bread just to have sex with a young virgin girl believing that if he penetrates (rapes) a virgin he will be cured from AIDS.

Today many false myths about AIDS exist and jeopardize millions of innocent children like these. And unless we do something right now to correct this then many more young children will continue to be raped and their tender bodies sexually assaulted.

Thank you for your interest in the children I have dedicated my life to help; …the innocent; …the poor; …the hungry; …the vulnerable; …the orphans of AIDS.
By giving your best financial gift to support Global AIDS Day you are helping save young girls, little kids, widows, families and small girls under the age of 10 from being raped and becoming the next victims of AIDS.

  • · Moreover your giving will help us prevent One-Million at-risk children from becoming the next orphans of AIDS.
  • · Will help us prevent the next million men, women and children from ever becoming infected with HIV/AIDS in the first place.
  • · Will help us stop many false AIDS-related myths and wrong AIDS beliefs.
  • World health leader fear the world is not prepared for the AIDS pandemic. And by 2010 the number of AIDS case may more than double from 40 million today to reach over 100 million HIV/AIDS infections; and leave in its wake over 25 million orphan children, thus becoming the greatest health and economic burden known to man of any totally preventable disease.

    80% of all AIDS-related infections come from heterosexual contact. AIDS is not just a homosexual syndrome but is a totally preventable disease that causes 2 million innocent children to become orphaned and horribly thrown away by society each and every year.
  • In only a very short amount of time the AIDS pandemic has caused over 15,000,000 orphan children. And by 2010 the number of orphans worldwide will rise to reach a staggering 25 million children.

    Orphanages around the world say they don’t have enough food right now to take care of the orphans they have today, let alone provide for the Ten-Million new orphans that will come by 2010.

    Won’t you help the children today?

    • We can’t prevent the next Earthquake from coming…
    • And we can’t prevent the next Hurricane from happening…
    • But, we CAN prevent the next generation of children from ever becoming the Orphans of AIDS.

    Please give generously to support Global AIDS Day Fund

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