Mystery Novel: The Social Terrorist


The Social Terrorist

A Brand New Must-Read Novel
By Dr. Paul J. Caratti

“AIDS is the worst pandemic on earth today. By 2010 AIDS cases may more than double from 40 million people to infect over 100 million people; and leave in its wake over 25 million orphans, thus becoming the greatest health and economic burden known to man of any totally preventable disease.”
The National Council for HIV/AIDS Education

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The New “Tell-All” Book:

What Everyone MUST KNOW About AIDS!

There is no other book written about AIDS of its kind. It’s a chilling murder mystery that puts you directly in the year 2010 as a news reporter, when people are forced to live during the worst of the already exploding AIDS pandemic.

Based on true events, The Social Terrorist is about a time in the not too distant future that health experts fear worst about AIDS when a twisted societal phenomenon causes AIDS-infected people to intentionally infect innocent groups of people without rhyme or reason and forces society to overcome the world’s worst pandemic in history.

Motivated by the most derogatory of all hate crimes the social terrorist, whose ambition like all terrorists, targets random groups of innocent people striking shamelessly without warning, any time and any place. But these terrorists uses disease as their weapon. NO ONE IS SAFE!

The Social Terrorist brings a time on society of unequalled biblical proportion when the world is stricken with widespread panic resulting in the worst economic crisis in history, as AIDS cases triple killing countless millions of people. That is unless we can change!

This book is a must-read for TODAY!

Whether you have AIDS or are just curious, The Social Terrorist will grip and lock-in the most curious of reader and will challenge our perception about AIDS forever. It will enlighten us all as to how this disease is the worst completely preventable scourge on society that has already killed nearly 30 million innocent people in only 25 years.

AIDS will kill more people this decade than all the wars and disaster in the past 50 years combined, thus becoming the greatest health and economic burden known to man of any totally preventable disease.

The Doomsday scenario warns that the worst of the epidemic’s impact is still to come.
Kofi Annan, the United Nations

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