Philippine Orphan Homes

Pastor Sam and Nida Canosa,
United Church of the Living God,
The Philippines

The Canosa’s have been instrumental in helping us to find just the right Institutions which abide by our standard of care in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, on Barangay Carmen entire families are feeling the full impact of the Philippine economic crisis. Those most adversely affected are the 78 percent of indigenous peoples who are either jobless or have insufficient income to support their families.

These conditions have led to a high percentage of orphan children all over the Philippines. “It is necessary for us help them and to show them that someone still cares,” said Dr. Paul J. Caratti, of The Orphans of AIDS. “It gives them hope.”

The mission of The Orphans of AIDS in the Philippines is to improve the quality of life for all children that have been orphaned. We believe that every child has a right to a life that is free from sexual exploitation and poverty. We therefore help more than just those that are affected by HIV/AIDS, but help as many orphans as we can regardless of their circumstance.

With no work available many families now are simply unable to feed themselves. As a direct result of poverty many suffer high levels of malnutrition and are among the most-needy and under privileged people in the city.

Families huddle in makeshift shelters made up of scraps and dirty old rags they have gathered from the garbage dump just to survive. This gathering of scraps is their sole means of livelihood. They are striving to survive and scrape above the starvation level but cannot go far from it.

The everyday goal of many has become that of sheer survival. Children are often seen running on the streets naked and sickly where starving to death is due to lack of food to eat and medicines to heal their frail bodies. There is no sanitation among them, for they live around the dirty, odorous jungle of garbage in dumping areas.

Our Objective:

The objective of The Orphans of AIDS is to work within the local Philippine community to provide basic food, clean drinking water, schooling and essential health care necessary for life. Moreover, our philosophy is to help orphan children of the Philippines to live a life that is free from poverty, sexual exploitation and disease.

Our Mission:

The mission of The Orphans of AIDS focuses on empowering local indigenous community-based organizations to provide basic elements to orphans and vulnerable children wherever needed.

General Priorities:

Our activities include fundraising, research, education and advocacy, and grants to organizations serving the affected populations in the Philippines.

Our funding priorities include:

  • Education for orphans.
  • Humanitarian services and medical care for orphan children.
  • Foster care and orphanage programs available.

Through careful screening, this project like all other projects that we sponsor has been found to be reliable and is a financially trustworthy institution with long-standing respect in the Philippine community.

Our partnership accountability and relationship is through Pastors Sam and Nida Canosa of the United Church of the Living God. The Canosa’s have been instrumental in helping us to find just the right Philippine Institutions that abide by our standard of care with which to match your generous giving.

The Orphans of AIDS pledges to give 100% of your designated donations to support the work of the Philippine Orphan Project.

Our long term objective is to stand with the Philippine community to empower the Philippine people to build 100 additional homes to be used as multi-use HIV orphan care facilities that will provide housing for around 2,000 additional orphan children.

Each 3-4 room house will be built and furnished for approximately $15,000. We will recognize the sponsor of an entire home by having the home named in their honor.

Please give generously.
Dr. Paul J. Caratti, CEO
Wilma I. Buckie, President
The Orphans of AIDS

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