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One of the most serious consequences of the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Tanzania is the rapid increase in the number of orphan and vulnerable children. The (RAAAP) Rapid Assessment Analysis and Action Planning Process was applied in 2004 as part of an effort to scale up the response to support orphan and vulnerable children of AIDS.

The RAAAP report shows the number of orphan children in Tanzania has risen significantly and has reached critical mass, and that over 12 percent of all children were orphans in 2004.

Moreover, the social Welfare Department reports their projections to show an estimated 2.3 million orphans in 2005. According to the AIDS IMPACT MODEL, orphans constituted around 13 percent of all Tanzanian children in 2004 and estimate that the number of orphans in 2005 was 2.56 million. Under the assumptions used in the AIDS IMPACT MODEL, it assesses that the number of orphans would rise further to 2.76 million in 2010 and 3.07 million in 2020.

Women and children are especially vulnerable to the AIDS epidemic where women are 1.2 times more likely than men to be infected. Inequality and power imbalances between girls and boys in society heighten the vulnerability of females to infection.

The National Vision for Tanzania

The national vision for Tanzanian is to create a society that is free from the threat of HIV and AIDS and that works to prevent, treat and defeat AIDS. Moreover, to be able to provide care and support for those who are infected and otherwise affected by the pandemic.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of The Orphans of AIDS is to improve the quality of life for all children in Tanzania that are orphaned by AIDS. We believe that every child has a right to a life that is free from sexual exploitation and poverty. Therefore, we believe in helping more than just those that are affected by HIV/AIDS, but seek to help as many orphans as we can regardless of their circumstance, race or religion.

Our Objective:

The objective of The Orphans of AIDS is to work within the local Africa community to provide basic food, clean drinking water, schooling and essential health care necessary for life. Moreover, our philosophy is to help orphan children of Africa to live a life that is free from poverty, sexual exploitation and disease.

One of the plans for The Orphans of AIDS in Tanzania is to build about 100 houses for these precious little ones. Each 3-4 room house will be built and furnished for approximately $15,000. We will recognize the sponsor of an entire home by having the home named in their honor.

Our long term objective is to stand with the African people of Tanzania to empower their own people to help them build many multi-use HIV orphan care facilities that will provide housing for around 2,000 additional orphan children. These orphans will receive love (by surrogate widows), discipline, health care, and an education.

Anna Mwangomo of Shangwe acts as one of our administrative overseers for The Orphans of AIDS

Another problem in the remote Bush-villages of Tanzania is that there is no clean drinking water available. Children travel for hours each and every day just to get water for the rest of their village, the elderly and the sick. Our hope in this is to drill as many fresh-water Bore Hole for each Bush-community that will provide clean and healthy drinking water for their entire village.

Special Projects for Tanzania

One particularly important need for the impoverished rural areas of Tanzania is the establishment of small scale animal husbandry enterprises for the distribution of piglets to child-headed households.

Our Mission:

The mission of The Orphans of AIDS focuses on empowering local indigenous community-based organizations to provide the basic elements to help orphan and vulnerable children live healthy lives.

General Priorities:

Our activities include fundraising, research, education and advocacy, and grants to organizations serving the affected populations in Tanzania.

Our funding priorities include:

  • Education for orphans.
  • Humanitarian services and medical care for orphan children.
  • Foster care and orphanage programs available.

Through careful screening, this project like all other projects that we endorse has been found to be reliable and is a financially trustworthy institution with longstanding respect in the Tanzanian community.

Our partnership accountability relationship in Tanzania is through SHANGWE. Anna Mwangomo of Shangwe acts as one of our administrative overseers for The Orphans of AIDS. She adds, “Because of the limitation of resources, SHANGWE has never implemented any significant project in the region apart from carrying out mapping processes to identify areas with high number of Orphans and problems facing them. Therefore, SHANGWE has about 40 orphan students from Secondary Schools who applied for school fees assistance. These student being disadvantages as orphans entered school late and were below the class in primary schools. For this reason they were not selected to go to Government Secondary Schools, as a result Guardians opted to send them to private Secondary Schools where fees are higher.”

Thank you SHANGWE for helping us find just the right institution that abides by our standard of care with which to match our supporter’s values.

Dr. Paul J. Caratti adds, “These young children of Tanzania desperately need our help. They are very poor by Western standards and are in need of financial, social and emotional support. Moreover, abandoned and malnourished orphans are more likely to die than children who receive care. But without food and lifesaving AIDS drugs many will die needlessly from diseases such as pneumonia, malaria and measles and AIDS.

Moreover, The Orphans of AIDS pledges to give 100% of your designated donations to support the work of the Tanzanian Orphans Project.”

Please give generously.
Dr. Paul J. Caratti, CEO
Wilma I. Buckie, President
The Orphans of AIDS

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