The 7-Fold GAD Message

Dear Friends,

The 7-Fold Global AIDS Day Message was written specifically for the purpose of conveying One Unified Message of hope on Global AIDS Day, June 3, 2006. It will be developed in greater detail as time gets closer the GAD 2006 event to include more statistics and bullet topics from Doctors and AIDS experts. Our hope is that you will stay close in contact with us over the next several weeks and help us to develop any areas we may have forgotten so that we can address the specific AIDS concerns in your specific area.

1. Speak a Truthful Message to the General Public About AIDS:

  • Debunking the myth about AIDS discussing what AIDS is and how is it contracted and how it is not spread. And break down social AIDS stereo-types. Ignorance has fostered the ability for AIDS to spread faster than anything.
  • Openly discuss what the government says about AIDS and ask why governments haven’t responded more vigorously against AIDS to warn their own people about the real dangers about AIDS. I.e., more vigorous public awareness messages to warn the public about the real dangers of AIDS today and tell us the whole truth about condoms.

2. Speak a Specific Message to the Church:

  • To the Church we will address all the above issues as well and discuss how the church needs to ‘Reverse the Curse.’ And remove social stigma and shame that churches and pastors have spread instead of truth and love and accountability.
  • Eliminate AIDS stigma all together and mobilize churches to pray regularly about AIDS. Prayer and Care.
  • Show Christians why it is important to petition their governments and congressmen about AIDS safe guards and why more is not being done to protect America and the world from AIDS.

3. Speak a Significant Message to the Youth Culture of Today:

  • Over 56% of the world’s population is under 25. Before a youth reaches 25, 1-in-2 will contract an STD, sexually transmitted disease. Many are fatal and permanent.
  • 53% of teens in high school have not had sex. We hope to reach the youth with a significant message about the benefits of abstinence and to bring the rate of new STD and HIV infection in teens even lower.

4. Speak an Important Message to Governments and World Leaders:

  • This is a huge topic that needs godly strategy and wisdom. The approach for AIDS abatement in Swaziland where HIV/AIDS grows at the rate of 900 percent every decade will be different than it will be in California. The Global AIDS Day team has instituted in parts of Africa to help men and women in the African culture understand that their sexual freedom has annihilated entire generations of adults and left over 15 million orphans’ of AIDS in its wake, Moreover, 40 million AIDS victims today and over 30 million dead. This type of sexual freedoms has brought 15,000 new AIDS infections each day and kills over 8,000 people each and every day. In fact, five people die from AIDS every second.

5. Speak an Honest Message to Hospitals and Health Care Workers:

  • Large segments of the HIV/AIDS infected population are now living much longer than before and go on to infect others for many years by sexual contact. Many health care workers have no idea how to council their HIV/AIDS infected clients to live a life that is HIV-Positive, so they will not infect more people in the course of their HIV/AIDS positive condition or sero-status.

6. Speak a Hopeful Message That Brings About Change:

  • President Bush, in his 2006, State of the Union Address said AIDS must be prevented, treated and defeated. And looks forward to the day when there are no now AIDS infections. Moreover, President Bush stressed the importance of the Global Fight against HIV/AIDS and renewed America's commitment to turning the tide against the deadly disease. But, to protect America we must become AIDS aggressive around the world.

7. Speak an Obligatory Message to the Pharmaceutical Companies

  • In many countries less than 2% of the population can afford medicines to treat those infected with AIDS.

The topic and method for AIDS prevention, treatment and abatement is a multi-sectoral problem that must be approached with a multi-sectoral approach and attitude. AIDS is a fight that we must win and will win, but only by working together.

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