The Heart Program

The H.E.A.R.T Program is a new concept in comprehensive HIV Education & AIDS Recovery Therapy to help people with HIV/AIDS live within the means of their condition (status). Medical and health practitioners deem our work as a vital and necessary component in the strategy to successfully fight AIDS today. The HEART Project offers Comprehensive AIDS Management to educate people who test Positive for HIV/AIDS how to live responsibly within the boundaries of their status and helps them understand they are still HIV-contagious and can infect others with the deadly virus for 20 years or more unaware.

Due to recent medical breakthroughs, (ARVís) Anti-retroviral drugs now allow people to live well beyond the original scope of the virus. Good news for people with AIDS. Consequently this new longer lease-on-life also means a lengthier host-cycle for the VIRUS to thrive which has created new HIV concerns of there being even greater outbreaks and a higher risk of communal infection to others. Through comprehensive media (PSAís) Public Service Announcements it is hoped our Program will become an important asset in the fight against AIDS and deeded a necessary contribution to warn people about the (new) dangers of HIV infection, CO infection and RE infection.

Typically, it was believed that a person could have the HIV virus for as long as 10 years before it turned into full-blown AIDS. Until early in 2005 a new strain of HIV was detected. It became highly resistant to drug therapy and seemed to progress to AIDS in several months causing great concern.

Even thought an HIV or AIDS-infected person may feel fine or even look perfectly normal for years many are simply unaware that their virus (status) is a contagious disease which can still be spread socially to others. We work within organizations, churches and the media to help institutions better council their HIV-Positive clientele about how to not spread the disease to others through social/sexual interaction by the use of Culturally Specific Programs.

Women and children are the most vulnerable at-risk groups in society today. In only 25 years, AIDS has already infected some 70 million people worldwide. Nearly 30 million have died from AIDS-related issues and over 40 million people presently have HIV/AIDS. Moreover, AIDS is responsible for causing some 15 million Orphan Children; and by 2010 that number will jump to a staggering 25 million. At first AIDS was interpreted as being just a social health threat, but quickly has become the single greatest health and economic crisis known to man of any totally preventable disease.

It is reported that in the United States alone there is in excess of one million people that have HIV and AIDS. Places like Baltimore, Washington, Metro have reported infection rates as high as one in 16. While health officials in California say the pandemic has infected one in 200 people. Worldwide the disease now infects one out of every 100 people where one in every 50 is Black.

In 2005 the cost to treat each person in the United States with Anti-retroviral drugs was $16,000 for a person with HIV, and $34,000 for a person with AIDS. The total cost to treat the one million people living in the U.S. became a whopping $17 BILLION that was spent on treatment alone. Health experts report that by 2010 there could be in excess of 100 million cases of HIV and AIDS. That could mean some 60 million new infections will be reported over the next five years. Consequently there needs to be more stringent and serious Post-HIV Education to stave off the next wave of HIV infections before they even happen.

Many organizations offer POST-HIV counseling as part of their initial pre/post screening regime. However, in most of the AIDS CARE Organizations we visited in places like Africa where AIDS is considered worst, we found that most of the AIDS CARE Organizations still do not offer Post-HIV/AIDS Education to protect the public.

We are only one small component in the huge fight against this Mighty Leviathan called AIDS, but already our organization is at work in some of the most severely AIDS-infected countries where POST-HIV Education is being offered to communities that wish to create their own HIV-FREE Zones.

We strongly support the use of ARVís to prevent HIV from turning into full-blown AIDS; but also believe that Comprehensive AIDS Management and Education need to go hand-in-hand with Anti-retroviral therapy in order to minimize the likelihood of the disease spreading even further.

The impact of AIDS on any community is a multi-facetted syndrome that affects every socio and economic group. Thus, the arsenal to attack AIDS must become a multi-facetted approach.

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