The One Partner Program

To help win the fight against AIDS in Africa (India and Asia) we have introduced One Partner to help men and women understand that marriage is a sacred bond of trust between one man and one woman; that it is a covenant relationship of life-long fidelity.

One Partner is a double-edge sword that uses both cultural and traditional values to help men understand that it is their interpretation of sexual freedom based on traditional upbringing and cultural values which has allowed AIDS to foster and grow.

However, in some African customs it is permissible for a man to have multiple wives. In those scenarios, we are helping those men to understand that faithfulness within the

bonds of marriage (even multiple wives) is what will keep them free from catching and spreading sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. Whenever AIDS is transmitted by means of sexual relations it is unfaithfulness and infidelity to one’s spouse, not multiple wives that causes AIDS to grow and remain a social and cultural threat.

We offer Remote Seminars and Workshops to assist in the areas of:

  • Fidelity Management (How to maintain the bonds of faithfulness in marriage)
  • The value of having a Covenant Marriage
  • Creating an HIV-Free Zone for you and your community
  • AIDS abatement through abstinence (starting with pre-teen youths)
  • What is TRUE condom protection and what is “Safe Sex”?
  • Men’s Outreach and Covenant Care (Admonishing the Church to get involved)
  • Rape and sexual assault is at epidemic proportions. Reversing the Cultural curse by instructing the next generation of boys (teaching young men to respect women)
  • Teaching communities how to coach others to be “Safer-Sex” advocates

Most African cultures teach men from boyhood that it is a man’s right to have as many sexual partners as he so desires. Moreover, that the wife has nothing to say about it.

Infidelity is a big problem for men in Africa and consequently has become the culprit in spreading AIDS to their wife. It is not multile marriages that has caused the problem as much as it is unfaithfulness and infidelity between and in those relationships that has spread this disease.

We do not desire to change Africa’s culture or deny any one their sexual freedom. But once men understand that it is their own cultural sexual practice that is responsible for spreading the AIDS virus and killing their own people will they change.

Unless people are given healthy sexual options for living AIDS-FREE lives then they will follow the path of least resistance. And by men having multiple sexual partners is simply not healthy for Africa or the world.

Moreover, as many as 600 children die each day due to violence, and more than 600 per day are displaced, sexually abused, and/or swept up into combat group camps. UNICEF concluded that rape and sexual assault is at epidemic proportions because combat groups deploy sexual violence as a weapon of war. Girls are singled out too for sexual crimes due to a popular myth that by engaging them sexually the act cures the perpetrator of HIV/AIDS.

The Objective of The One Partner Program is to help stop the pandemic causes of AIDS that contributes to orphaning over two million children each year.

While the subject of HIV/AIDS may not be a new topic to most people; True AIDS Prevention and Fidelity Management is. In order to combat AIDS we are assisting at-risk AIDS-communities around the world teaching them how to create HIV-Free Zones to prevent the next wave of AIDS orphans before they ever happen.

Today over 15 Million children are the unfortunate The Orphans of AIDS. By the year 2010 there will be over 25 Million The Orphans of AIDS. Our objective is to change the course of AIDS dramatically to prevent millions of at-risk children from ever becoming orphans. Unless we can reach their at-risk parents with a message of fidelity and monogamy then unfortunately we will see many more The Orphans of AIDS.

Reaching the parents of these innocent children with a message of fidelity and monogamy will in turn spare the next generation of orphans from ever being thrown into an already overloaded system of abuse, rejection and disease. And unless we step in with care and prayer then millions more children will die and millions will become orphans

Annually, this will save hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in lost revenue for some of the poorest countries where AIDS is worst. Moreover, this money could be used for other more important social programs like hunger and poverty, and stop malaria which is the number-one killer of children in Africa today.

This truly is a true win, win situation that has many benefits. Not only will we prevent the next generation of One-Million Orphans from ever happening, but we also will avert one of the greatest economic burdens on society of having to provide for these orphans long-term. Moreover, we will prevent thousands of people from dying from AIDS.

So, thank you for your interest in the children to whom I have dedicated my life … the abandoned … the abused … distressed … exploited … hungry … sick … suffering … and those whose very lives are threatened.

We believe every child has the right to a life that is free from senseless suffering, exploitation and abuse. But unless we step into their lives then many of these little children face a future full of death, and danger devoid of hope.

Together we can change the facts of life for children in crisis, but only as we become a team. Did you know that one-third of all children less than five years old in the developing world are starving?

Did you know?

  • 2 million children die needlessly every year from childhood diseases we conquered here long ago?
  • 250 million children are being exploited tonight through child labor, commercial sexual abuse, and street criminals?
  • 130 million children are denied school and the ability to read and write – mostly girls?
  • Millions of orphans are still locked into institutions or wandering the streets?
  • Over 2 million children died in the last decade as child soldiers, and millions more are being starved and traumatized now through genocide and civil strife?
  • By the year 2010 there will be over 25 million orphan children in Africa alone?

We believe that we can change these statistics – and together, we are changing them every day. That’s what my life is all about … and that is what our work is all about. I ask you to help us change these numbers. I believe we can do it and we are doing it … but only as we work together.

So let me just say thank you in advance for what you are going to do to help me and the Global AIDS Day Foundation to help change the course of AIDS worldwide.

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