The Orphans of AIDS®

Today over 15 Million children have unfortunately been orphaned by AIDS. Each and every year two million more children are orphaned by AIDS. By the year 2010 there will be over 25 Million orphans of AIDS. Our objective is to change the course of AIDS dramatically and prevent millions of at-risk children from ever becoming orphans. But unless we can reach their at-risk parents with a message of fidelity and monogamy then, unfortunately, we will see many more orphans of AIDS. Reaching the parents of these innocent at-risk children will rescue the next generation of orphans from ever being thrown away into an already overloaded system of abuse, abandonment, child exploitation and disease

While the subject of HIV/AIDS may not be a new topic to most people; Covenant Prevention and Fidelity Management are. In order to combat AIDS we are assisting at-risk AIDS-communities around the world by teaching them how to create HIV-Free Zones in order to prevent the next wave of innocent AIDS orphans before they can ever happen.

Our Remote Seminars and Workshops offer:

  • Fidelity Management (How to maintain the bonds of faithfulness in marriage)
  • How to Create an HIV-Free Zone
  • What is TRUE condom protection and what is “Safe Sex”?
  • Covenant Care (Admonishing the Church to get involved)
  • Connecting Widows and Orphans together (The widows and orphan program)
  • Changing the course of AIDS for Orphans (6,000 children are orphaned each and every day)
  • AIDS Abatement through Covenant Prevention
  • Teaching communities how to coach others about being “Safer Sex” advocates

Recently, an AIDS-infected man offers an orange and a crust of bread just to have sex with a young virgin girl believing that if he penetrates (rapes) a virgin he will be cured from AIDS.

UNICEF concludes that rape and sexual assault is at epidemic proportions. Girls are singled out for sexual crimes due to this popular myth that by engaging them sexually that this sexual act will cure the perpetrator of having HIV or AIDS.

Today many false myths about AIDS exist that jeopardize millions of innocent children like these. And unless we do something right now to correct these false myths then many more young children will continue to be raped and their tender bodies sexually assaulted.

Here’s the problem!

Every minute another six-people die from AIDS and 9 people contract HIV, the deadly virus that leads to AIDS. Entire generations of adults have already been wiped-out by this worldwide pandemic.

In Africa, India, China and many other highly populated countries the average family has 5 children. All we need to reach is 100,000 couples in order to prevent the next million orphans from ever happening.

2x5x100,000=One Million Prevented Orphans

By reaching 2 Parents x 5 Children x100,000=One-Million Prevented Orphans

Reaching the parents of these innocent children with a message of fidelity and monogamy will in turn spare the next generation of orphans from ever being thrown into an already overloaded system of abuse, rejection and disease. And unless we step in with care and prayer then millions more childen will die and millions will become orphans.

Annually, this will save hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in lost revenue for some of the poorest countries where AIDS is worst. Moreover, this money could be used for other more important social programs like hunger and poverty, and stop malaria which is the number-one killer of children in Africa today.

This truly is a true win, win situation that has many benefits. Not only will we prevent the next generation of One-Million Orphans from ever happening, but we also will avert one of the greatest economic burdens on society of having to provide for these orphans long-term. Moreover, we will prevent thousands of people from dying from AIDS.

Did you know?

  • 2 million children die needlessly every year from children diseases we conquered here long ago?
  • 250 million children are being exploited tonight through child labor, commercial sexual abuse, and street criminals?
  • 130 million children are denied school and the ability to read and write – mostly girls?
  • Millions of orphans are still locked into institutions or wandering the streets?
  • Over 2 million children died in the last decade as child soldiers, and millions more are being starved and traumatized now through genocide and civil strife?
  • By the year 2010 there will be over 25 million orphan children in Africa alone?

We believe that we can change these statistics – and together, we are changing them every day. That’s what my life is all about … and that is what our work is all about. I ask you to help us change these numbers. I believe we can do it and we are doing it … but only as we work together.

So let me just say thank you in advance for what you are going to do to help me and
The Orphans of AIDS to help suffering children worldwide.

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