What is Global AIDS Day?

What is Global AIDS Day?

Global AIDS Day is on Saturday, June 2nd 2007. It is designed as a non-religious event for churches and non-religious organizations to partner together in the fight against AIDS and participate in AIDS education, commitment and implementation.

Global AIDS Day is a demonstration of Care and Prayer for churches and other organizations to learn more about the AIDS pandemic and bring greater worldwide AIDS awareness and mobilization.

The Global AIDS Day events are strategically scheduled 6 months after World AIDS Day to keep worldwide emphasis for global mobilization of AIDS-awareness going all year long. In other words to join together with other groups like World AIDS Day to push global AIDS awareness even farther than just a one-day event .

On Global AIDS Day we recommend for churches and non-religious organizations to come together for prayer on the Friday before the event for a solemn assembly and repentance as prescribed in Joel 2:13, "to rend our hearts not our garments." Then after Global AIDS Day on Saturday pastors are invited to follow-through from the Pulpit on Sunday for implementation, commitment and action by adopting an AIDS nation to pray for through out the year.

Today over 90% of the world AIDS activity is happening right now in Sub Sahara Africa where the Christian Church already has a strong presence. But, to a large degree the Church is still completely ignorant about the spread of AIDS or about how to participate in society to control AIDS. Or of even how the disease is spread from one sector to the next much like an out-of-control line of falling dominos.

Every government, NGO organization and hospital I visit, whether it is in AIDS-infected Malawi, Mozambique or South Africa, China or India are all saying the same thing: A condom will protect you 100% of the time from catching AIDS. That is not necessarily TRUEISM. In fact, condoms have been shown to replicate about an 18%+ failure rate. Consequently, we have seen the exponential growth of HIV and AIDS in countries that abide by these types of AIDS-abatement strategies grow as much as four-fold every couple of years. And in Swaziland the worst hit country in the world the rampant rate of AIDS has grow by 900 percent in just ten years.

It is said worldwide that AIDS will continue to grow to infect over 100 million people by the year 2010. Today one in one-hundred people are infected with HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. Clearly something is not working as it should. And freely releasing condoms onto a society that is uneducated and that is sexually unprepared has in itself caused sexual freedoms and AIDS to explode worldwide.

My position as the director for the National Council for HIV/AIDS Education understands fully the need for the use of condoms in our society today. We recognize that because of the promiscuous nature of our society that condoms have their place. However, we believe that if condoms are to be made available to a society or general population that they must be made available along with complete sexual education for making healthy sexual choices and AIDS-FREE living. Moreover that education should clearly communicate to the sexually-active public that catching HIV/AIDS comes either by sexual contact or by IV drug use. And no method of contraceptive protection for the sexually active is 100% safe. And AIDS still possesses a great threat for all sectors of society.

Even though the greatest transference of HIV today in Africa is MTCT (Mother to Child Transmission), the greatest at-risk group today for catching HIV worldwide is youth. Our main objective is to help youth delay their choice for sexual activity for as long as possible in order that they make healthy life-choices to live to become healthy adults. Our second objective is to reduce the rate of at-risk children whose sexually active parents are living in HIV danger from dying of AIDS, thus reducing the orphan population by One-Million in 2006.

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